About Toon-Ed
Toon-Ed is a cartoon website dedicated to cartoon education and is available for students, teachers and thosed interested in a cartooning careet.

Toon-Ed makes cartoon resoures available for everyone from the beginner to the serious cartoonist. It provides a sources of informaation for cartooning such as book, videos and instructional materials created by professional cartoonists.

Toon-Ed hosts the annual TOON Award for college students. The competition is judged by some of the top cartoonists in the country.

Toon-Ed is unique in that it is run and supported by professional cartoonist. its focus is on cartoon education and adding new features such as the new Pro Toon section. ProToon features instructions and step-by-step information by the cartoonist on how to draw a famous cartoon character.

Toon-Ed also lists cartooning events, classes and cartoon contests around the country.

Toon-Ed is updated with new cartoon resources and eduational opportunities on a regular basis.
Toon-Ed Directors:
Ken Alvine - Creative Comics
Jim Allen - The Beauforts
Jason Platt - Mister & Me