How to Toon Links
Cartoon Basics
Cartoon Studio - Jim Allen. Exploring a cartoon career in a problem-based format.
How to be a Cartoonist - Chris Browne, creator of Hagar the Horrible
Cartooning Basics - Handouts for Classroom by Duane Barnhart
Witty Comics - Make a Comic from props 
Steve Gray - PhotoShop Cartoon Demo - Southern California Cartoonists Society
Drawing Manga/Anime - Comprehensive site for Manga/Anime and includes some great photoshop tips
Baka Neko - Anime Tutorials: drawing and 3D
Online Manga University - online drawing lessons
How to Draw Manga - Great Manga drawing resource
28 Principals of Animation - Animation Arena
KarmaToons - Great animation drawing site
Cartoon Solutions - Video tutorials, Flash training, and some freebies
Advanced Cartooning
Writing for Comic Books - Joe Edkin. Check out his 5 chapters on the subject.
Drawing Comics - Scott McDaniel, DC artist
Blambot Fonts - Many free fonts for your toons
PhotoShop Color Swatches - Download free color combinations
Boxed Art - Picks for Color Pickers – 18 Online Tools
Sellner's Comics 101 - Coloring Comics
Tom Richmond's Mad Blog - Digital Color 3-part Tutorial
Tutorial Champ - Beginners Guide to Digital Coloring
Comic Book Fonts - Fonts and lettering tips
Creating Comics - Lots of online cartoon resources by David Law - Cartoon writing resources
Sean McManus - How to syndicate your website content
Lynn Johnson - For Better or Worse: Making of a comic strip
Illustration Class - Some great PhotoShop tips
Publish your comic - Tips on self-publishing
Mini Comic - How to make one - publish your own comic book
Greeting Card Market - How to make it using the internet
Adobe Illustrator - Create a vector cartoon
Adobe Illustrator - Lots of excellent tutorials
Davies' PhotoShop tips - Create simple cartoon characters in PhotoShop
John Wismont - Quick caricature in 3 phrases - Southern California Cartoonists Society
Toon Videos
 Bob Staacke - Watch illustrator Bob Staake as he creates a
character with nothing but a mouse, a keyboard, and an
antiquated version of Adobe Photoshop 3.0.
Milton Caniff - Watch Milton Caniff draw Dragon Lady as he
talks to Shel Dorf. Filmed by Tom French
 Bruce Blitz on making a comic strip