Toons in the Classroom
Teaching Comics

NACAE - Natinal Association of Comics Art Educators - Excellent source of teaching resources

Cartoon Studio - Jim Allen. Exploring a cartoon career in a problem-based format.
Cartoon-Based learning - Using cartoons in the classroom with the XLT3 model developed by Jim Allen
Cartoon-Based Learning Diigo Group - Join CBL group for resources and resarch on cartoons in the classroom. Info varies from Language Arts to Math applications.
Maryland Dept. of Education - Maryland Comic Book Initiative, Sample lessons
Uncle Fred - Draw and color with Uncle Fred - Elementary
Cartooning Basics - Handouts for Classroom by Duane Barnhart
ReadWriteThink - Lesson Plans Comic lesson plans - Create a Comic interactive tool
Comics as a teaching aide - Integrated skills class
NIE/AAEC - Cartoons for the classroom
Secondary Education - Cartoon lesson plans and worksheets
Darlene Douthit - Teaching Tots to Toon - Southern California Cartoonists Society
CrazyTalk6 - Animation Program for all ages
CrazyTalk6 Examples - Elementary school uses CrazyTalk animation for their book talks.
Domo Animate - A great simple animation program for kids of all ages...and its free!
Alice 2.2 - Free! An educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment. Geared towards 7th grade and beyond. Includes teaching materials.
Make a comic using digital props
Bit Strips - Create comics using online props
Bubblr - Create comics using photos
Make Beliefs Comix - Create comics using online props
Toon Doo - Create your own comic strips
Comics in the Classroom - Lesson plans and lots of resources
Cartoon Academics
University of Florida - Dept of English - Comics Scholars Discussion List. Teaching comics resources and research. Excellent resources for the serious comic educator.
Comic Resource - Comic Annotated Bibliographies
Cartoonist Sites - List of comics and cartoons
Center for Media Literacy - How Cartoons Work: The Cartoon Code
Check out David Paccia's Cartoonist Survey Question and Answer Blog! Take me there!