Toon Books & Resources
NEW! Free online CARTOON BOOK by Ken Alvine!
CARTOONING, Sixteen Most Asked Questions by Students and Teachers - Ken Alvine
How to Draw Cartoons by Jim Allen - The essentials for beginners
Xtreme Cartooning by Jim Allen - Learn cartooning with the Beauforts. Create a comic strip as easy as 1-2-3. A must for the classroom for creating the building blocks of a story.
Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud. Also Reinventing Comics and Making Comics
The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics - Check out the whole DC series: The DC Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics, The DC Comics Guide to Inking Comics, and DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics.
Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative - Will Eisner. Also, Comics and Sequential Art
Adam Hughs - Interview with DC Comic artist Adam Hughs and demos and discusses his technique. 5 videos in all.
Character Design - Interviews and galleries wiith top animation, comic, and etc. artists
Stay Tooned Magazine - the magazine for working cartoonists, aspiring cartoonists and fans of the art of cartooning. An excellent cartoon source that features cartoonists and their work.
Top 100 cartoon sites - Excellent resource, check it out.
Ohio State Cartoon Library - Check out the searchable database
Comics DC blog- Information and events relating to cartoons and comics
CBR Comic Book Resources - Using Google SketchUp to calculate complex perspectives
Spawn - Behind the scenes: pencils, inking, colors, and letters
Brief Applause - Chip Bok, editorial cartoonist
AAEC - Cartoonists on Cartooning. Several great online videos from top editorial cartoonists!
Charles Schulz Museum
Cartoonist Sites - more to come
Luann by Greg Evans