Toon Awards!
2013 TOON Awards
Best of Show
Ganna Vikhlyayeva
Best of Show and 1st place Animation
Poet and the Cat
2nd Place Animation - Ganna Vikhlyayeva
3rd Place Animation - Kelsey Norden
1st Place Comic Strips - Philosofish co-winners Raymond Kajci and Katherine Hart
2nd Place Comic Strips - Tom Rogers
3rd Place Comic Strips - Krystal Melena
1st Place Single Panel Cartoons - Mike Beckom
2nd Place Single Panel Cartoons - James Arturo
3rd Place Single Panel Cartoons - Kristen French
Honorable Mention - Kelsey Norton
Honorable Mention - Ben Johnson
Honorable Mention - Emily Duda

The 2013 Toon Awards were judged by selected professional cartoonists from the Great Lakes Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society

Polly Keener, Dave Coverly, Rick Diesslin, Earl Musick, Mark Szorady, Jim Allen